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John remains one of the most sought after attorneys

in all fields of entertainment,

with a worldwide reputation for



Legal Services

From a multi-award winning four years as an undergraduate at UCLA and three years at the prestigious UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), an unparalleled career as an attorney and businessman, John has dedicated his passion for life and law to his family, friends and clients. Rising from a first year associate right out of law school at a major entertainment law firm in Beverly Hills to partnership in just seven years, John learned the basics of entertainment law in film, television and music from some of the world’s best in the field. However, in order to provide even more personal as well as professional service to his clients, John formed his own firm in 1978 and continues his practice in that specialized personal service based manner to this day.


During a now storied career, John has represented in transactions and sometimes litigation seven Academy Award actors and actresses, done production legal work for seven prime time network television shows and represented seventeen members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With a history of unprecedented deals and contracts and a worldwide reputation for honesty and integrity, John remains one of the most sought after attorneys in all fields of entertainment and media.

ALEX ORBISON- President of Roy's Boys

“John has represented and been a friend of Orbison since the 70s. The matters that John handled were tough, but John believes in the artist and the artist’s rights. What he said would happen did happen. Outside of business John was great friends of my mother, Barbara, and my dad, Roy. My dad went to his wedding! How many weddings do you think Roy Orbison went to?”

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