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Before the hammer goes down!


The first matter John worked on after law school at the prestigious Beverly Hills law firm Kaplan Livingston, et. al. was entitled Cary Grant v. Universal Pictures. The case involved the allocation of income from the licensing of one of Mr. Grant’s films in a television license agreement to a network of twenty Universal Pictures theatrical releases. Subsequently, John has been counsel as a strategist, editor and courtroom advisor on more than a dozen cases, many of them precedent setting such as Olivia Newton-John v. MCA Records, which established an interpretation of California’s “seven year rule” still cited and followed in the entertainment business.


John’s most recent cases have been in federal courts with issues relating to the division of marital assets effected by federal copyright law to invasions of privacy and publicity as well as allegations of defamation and slander. While not offering services as a trial lawyer, John is an expert analyst of legal issues and guide to the selection of counsel and litigation strategies.


ALEX ORBISON- President of Roy's Boys

“John has represented and been a friend of Orbison since the 70s. The matters that John handled were tough, but John believes in the artist and the artist’s rights. What he said would happen did happen. Outside of business John was great friends of my mother, Barbara, and my dad, Roy. My dad went to his wedding! How many weddings do you think Roy Orbison went to?”

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