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Entertainment law is taught in schools across the country today, but was a new area ripe for someone interested in protecting talent in film, television and music back in the early 70s. Up to that time, and in some ways still, today talent (directors, actors, writers, producers, singers, songwriters, and more) were deemed to be and were treated as employees by the “industry.” John felt it time for the pendulum to swing, for talent to have a say in the exploitation and marketing of their work and to be paid fairly,  including often as a partner and profit participant in the success of their projects.


While sensitive to the economics of the entertainment business and well aware of the risk taken by the studios, recording companies and publishers, John set new standards in such different areas as motion picture gross and net profit definitions and royalty statements, television series profits, music royalty calculations and perhaps most importantly, ownership of the results and proceeds of each clients’ works.


Over the past more than forty years, John has carefully constructed and negotiated agreements in film, television, music and new media for some of the most successful talent in the world. (A list of clients will be provided on a confidential basis upon request by prospective clients).


Entertainment Transactions 





ALEX ORBISON- President of Roy's Boys

“John has represented and been a friend of Orbison since the 70s. The matters that John handled were tough, but John believes in the artist and the artist’s rights. What he said would happen did happen. Outside of business John was great friends of my mother, Barbara, and my dad, Roy. My dad went to his wedding! How many weddings do you think Roy Orbison went to?”

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