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John has had the privilige of working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.





"John has been my lawyer of trust for almost 40 years !

He has been an integral part of my career in the entertainment industry globally.

I cannot imagine my career without John, if we didn’t have an age gap or grow up in different countries i would say he is like a life long friend who i met in Kindergarten."

ETHAN WAYNE - John Wayne Enterprises

"John has been an advisor and friend to our family and company for years.Our brand is a massive part of the American entertainment history and John is someone we trust to ensure our family legacy is represented and protected for many more years to come. If this was the Wild West, I’m sure John would be the Sheriff."

REBA McENTIRE - Entertainer

"I met John Mason in 1991 after the plane crash that took part of my band and my tour manager.

I've always been able to count on him. We have remained great friends ever since."

TONY BROWN - Hit Music Producer

“I consider John Mason to be one of the top five entertainment attorneys in the world.     He certainly propelled my career into the stratosphere when he negotiated my final contract with UMG , that would change my life and career beyond my wildest dreams. His belief in me reflected on what I had already accomplished, as a record producer, and what he thought I would accomplish in the future. I did not let him or UMG down, and I credit his belief in me as the guiding force behind my career.

The things Mason has accomplished, and his client list, over his career, speaks for itself, and I am glad he is on my team, for sure. I call him my life coach, but most of all my close confidant and friend."



FRANKIE VALLI - The Four Seasons & Jersey Boys

"I met John when i was working on 'Grease'. He is one of the good guys in this business.

You always need a talented lawyer on your team that you can trust. Somebody who is going to give you the right advice. For me…John is that guy".

BOB GAUDIO - The Four Seasons & Jersey Boys

"Some people get it right all the time. John Mason is one of those people " 



SMOKEY ROBINSON - Pop Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer

"My life can many times be hectic and chaotic and it's comforting to know that when it comes to legal matters I have someone I can trust to always give me sound advice and who is always there for me. That man for me is John Mason."



KERRY GORDY- Motown Music Executive

"Having John Mason on my team is a blessing. Not only does he represent all of my best interests and share his vast contact base with me, he’s a great friend, confidant, advisor and mentor."


ALEX ORBISON- President of Roy's Boys

“John has represented and been a friend of Orbison since the 70s. The matters that John handled were tough, but John believes in the artist and the artist’s rights. What he said would happen did happen. Outside of business John was great friends of my mother, Barbara, and my dad, Roy. My dad went to his wedding! How many weddings do you think Roy Orbison went to?”

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