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                     & DEMORALIZING TRIAL PROCESS


Over a more than forty year career representing celebrities, high profile executives and privately owned businesses, John has seen more than his share of “ugly disputes” and expensive and publically humiliating divorces. In many instances, there is not only no need for such expensive disputes but also the media feeding frenzy they engender. While the law of every state and rules of every state bar differ widely, it is possible in Tennessee, and with care for the rules in other states, for two parties to a dispute, particularly a marital dissolution, to hire one attorney as lead counsel for both.


With proper care and management of a matter, it is possible to avoid the expensive and demoralizing trial process and to keep very private personal and financial information away from the media and out of the public eye. John has handled several such cases with the results leaving the media baffled as to what actually happened and how it happened without their having had the opportunity to pry into private matters and exploit the personal and business lives of high profile personalities and businesses. More detail regarding this opportunity can only be provided by confidential communication or consultation.




ALEX ORBISON- President of Roy's Boys

“John has represented and been a friend of Orbison since the 70s. The matters that John handled were tough, but John believes in the artist and the artist’s rights. What he said would happen did happen. Outside of business John was great friends of my mother, Barbara, and my dad, Roy. My dad went to his wedding! How many weddings do you think Roy Orbison went to?”

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